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Word Example of - advancement

    Example Sentences for advancement

    His advancement had been rapid, from private to sergeant, and from sergeant to a commission.

    There has been an advancement in every department of the interests of our Church during the year.

    They control his waking hours, his conditions of living, and his chances of advancement.

    Who are they, that contribute most largely to the advancement of piety at home?

    The system answered fairly whilst continual wars gave the professional soldiers opportunities for distinction and advancement.

    But chance will not produce the advancement and progress which is observable.

    Discovery for the sake of discovery had little meaning for him, but only discovery for his own advancement and glory.

    Of course, I have no doubt that, in general, the advancement of science is all to the good.

    I can add only one miserable little special case of advancement in cirripedes.

    Having no reservations, but little can be done for their advancement.

Word Origin & History of - advancement

    Word Origin & History

    advancement c.1300, "a raising to a higher rank," from O.Fr. avancement, from L. avancer (see advance). Of money, from 1640s.

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