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Word Example of - advancing

    Example Sentences for advancing

    The day was advancing when they came in sight of the Manor House.

    I had done no advancing in all that campaign that was at all equal to it.

    My wife, I believe, was advancing along the corridor when Sperry closed the door.

    "Here's the book I got myself from," said John, advancing to a bookcase.

    Advancing noiselessly to the side of the couch, I lifted the curtain of dressed buffalo hide.

    It saw the advancing Indian warriors, but, in its madness, was reckless of them.

    The girl was quick to notice it and immediately evinced her pleasure by advancing straight to his side.

    Nor did they know that they were advancing upon the king of riflemen.

    Antiochus, advancing suddenly, caught some of the Parthian troops at their barbarous work, and dispersed them without difficulty.

    Charles came in, and advancing towards the bed, slowly drew the curtains.

Word Origin & History of - advancing

    Word Origin & History

    advance early 13c., from O.Fr. avancer "move forward," from V.L. *abanteare (It. avanzare, Sp. avanzar), from L.L. abante "from before," composed of ab- "from" + ante "before, in front of, against," from PIE *anti "against," locative singular of *ant- "front, forehead." The -d- was inserted 16c. on mistaken notion that initial a- was L. ad-. Meaning "to give money before it is legally due" is first attested 1670s. The noun is first recorded 1520s; advances "amorous overtures" is from 1706. The adj. (in advance warning, etc.) is not recorded before 1910.

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