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Word Example of - adverse

    Example Sentences for adverse

    You would have evaded it, and put yourself in the wrong; and the inquiry, well urged, might have been adverse to Sir Charles.

    Under these adverse circumstances the resolution of this indomitable man remained unshaken.

    The adverse weather held us in front and the disease pressed on our rear.

    Midshipmen have a knack of sleeping under the most adverse circumstances.

    The very beating of the rain, the adverse wind, seemed to chafe his spirits and excite his courage.

    But the habits and occupations of man are adverse to this tranquil temper.

    Another fruitful source of adverse criticism is an occasional slip on Punch's part in respect to some point of fact.

    Collier's Weekly became a center of the adverse criticism of President Taft.

    An adverse fortune or a death-bed usually put an end to the illusion.

    The worlds doings are adverse to generosity and fair-dealing.

Word Origin & History of - adverse

    Word Origin & History

    adverse late 14c., from O.Fr. avers (Mod.Fr. adverse), from L. adversus "turned against," thus "hostile," pp. of advertere, from ad- "to" + vertere "to turn" (see versus).

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