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Word Example of - adversity

    Example Sentences for adversity

    He was now nearly sixty, wearied by adversity, and a sufferer from gout and obesity.

    So they mourned Morris as privately as she had long grieved over their adversity.

    For those friends have the name, not the reality, who are not friends in adversity.

    She hasn't yet seen a flame from the fire of adversity, I'm sure.

    It is a scrawny desert tree which lives in adversity but holds its ground for centuries, if fire does not cut its career short.

    Strange to say, it was in his adversity that the best part of his nature came to the fore.

    Blessings unblessed are curses in disguise, and adversity blessed is a blessing.

    Not once did his courage desert him in the face of adversity.

    Naturally in times of adversity such converts were quick to abandon their new religion, proved ineffectual.

    Taught by adversity, I am not a spendthrift, neither am I a miser.

Word Origin & History of - adversity

    Word Origin & History

    adversity early 13c., aduersite, from O.Fr. aversite (Mod.Fr. adversité), from L. adversitatem "opposition," from adversus (see adverse).

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