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Word Example of - advice

    Example Sentences for advice

    I used not to hate you; I even had a liking for you; take this advice, then, which you say you are ready to follow.

    Cannot you let him come to you for advice and assistance when he wants it?

    Why, hedhonestly, dad would just kick me, if I took his advice.

    When temptation came to him, he told Bonita about it and asked her advice.

    I took his advice, and borrowed some clothes from Mary, while mine were put to the fire.

    They soon experienced the wisdom of the advice which had been given them.

    His advice was that if it happened I must claim to be a German officer.

    I will gladly give you counsel and advice, but more I cannot do.

    "If you have a secret to tell, I'm ready with advice and sympathy," said my eyes.

    It would be a pleasure if I might utter that advice in their presence.

Word Origin & History of - advice

    Word Origin & History

    advice c.1300, auys "opinion," from O.Fr. avis "opinion," from phrase ce m'est à vis "it seems to me," or from V.L. *mi est visum "in my view," ult. from L. ad- "to" + visum, neut. pp. of videre "to see" (see vision). The unhistoric -d- was introduced in Eng. 15c., on model of L. words in ad-. Substitution of -c- for -s- is 18c., to preserve the breath sound and to distinguish from advise.

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