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Word Example of - aesthetics

    Example Sentences for aesthetics

    Only let no one suppose that what they write and talk is aesthetics; it is criticism, or just "shop."

    But the whole volume is full of indirect suggestion on aesthetics.

    But it was the book on Aesthetics that charmed me most of all.

    Of this nature is a great deal of what has been written on aesthetics.

    It would be as unprofitable to put a Rembrandt before a blind man as discuss the aesthetics of eyelashes with the unbeliever.

    What is true of mysticism in general, is true also of its manifestation in aesthetics.

    Croce is as much mistaken as the old aestheticians when he assumes one must study the science of aesthetics to appreciate poetry.

    Materials of beauty surveyed, 76 et seq.Methods in aesthetics, 5.

    But the chief contribution of Taoism to Asiatic life has been in the realm of aesthetics.

    Miser's fallacy, its parallel in morals and aesthetics, 31, 32.

Word Origin & History of - aesthetics

    Word Origin & History

    aesthetics 1803, from aesthetic (also see -ics).

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