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Word Example of - affection

    Example Sentences for affection

    I come,' will I say, 'to vindicate the fair fame of one who once owned your affection.

    She is a noble woman, bound to me by all that can engage my honour, my generosity, my affection.

    He thanked his King in a voice full of gratitude and affection.

    It had a theory of affection in the former case and of enmity in the latter.

    You mustn't allow any—any affection for me to—to influence you in this matter.'

    Gradually, however, the affection on his side began to wane.

    It is this peril which we hope to prevent you from falling into with all our strength and all our affection.'

    Hers was an affection not lightly bestowed nor easily withdrawn from its dear object.

    The peculiar nasal, noisy respiration of the child has given the affection the popular name of snuffles.

    His motive was gratitude to us, and affection excited by compassion.

Word Origin & History of - affection

    Word Origin & History

    affection early 13c., "an emotion of the mind, passion, lust as opposed to reason," from O.Fr. affection, from L. affectionem (nom. affectio) "inclination, influence, permanent state of feeling," from affec-, pp. stem of afficere "to do something to, act on" (see affect (n.)). Sense developed from "disposition" to "good disposition toward" (late 14c.).

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