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The Synonym of - affiliated (adjective)

Word Example of - affiliated

    Example Sentences for affiliated

    The Pharaoh of Joseph's time seems to have affiliated with the Israelites as natural friends,--to assist him in case of war.

    In blood, the Mongasques are affiliated to their Provenal and Italian neighbors.

    By this Act certain institutions, from which students might be examined, were affiliated with the University.

    "The same, in fact, I am affiliated to," remarked the student.

    I affiliated myself to a section who, armed with long wooden swords, were enjoying some Turk's-heading.

    "He may be affiliated to the police," was the thought that passed through his mind.

    He had been informed that that gentleman was at that time a member of an affiliated society of Jacobins.

    He had asked to be affiliated to their order; and he had borrowed their money.

    Put up a map of the Midlands, with a red-ink line round every affiliated dept.

    There are two affiliated and yet quite distinctive functions to his office.

Word Origin & History of - affiliated

    Word Origin & History

    affiliate 1761, from L. affiliat-, pp. stem of affiliare "to adopt" (see affiliation). Outside legal use, always fig. The noun is attested from 1879.

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