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Word Example of - affinity

    Example Sentences for affinity

    There is affinity between the people, and there is reason in that reply.

    But no light is thus thrown on the affinity of the Amazon form.

    They talk of affinities between the autograph and the character: what affinity was there here?

    Their language has "no affinity with any other I ever heard."

    The affinity of the Slavic and Greek languages it has recently been attempted to prove in several works.

    They have no affinity, yet they are often united; together, they tend to weaken if not destroy each other.

    They were possibly of Karankawan or Coahuiltecan affinity, but there is no direct evidence of this.

    We cannot remain apart; the great circle of our affinity will soon be completed.

    Here again is evidence of this tribe's affinity with the upper Yukon natives, and so with those of the Mackenzie.

    So with these two, who, by a kind of free-masonry, knew that each had met his affinity.

Word Origin & History of - affinity

    Word Origin & History

    affinity c.1300, "relation by mariage" (as opposed to consanguinity), from O.Fr. afinité, from L. affinitatem (nom. affinitas) "neighborhood, relationship by marriage," from affinis "adjacent," also "kin by marriage," lit. "bordering on," from ad- "to" + finis "a border, an end." Used figuratively since c.1600 of structural relationships in chemistry, philology, etc. Meaning "natural attraction" (as though by family) is from 1610s.

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