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Word Example of - affirmation

    Example Sentences for affirmation

    This affirmation varies with the angle formed by the fore-arm with the arm.

    First, the denial of all error, and then the affirmation of truth.

    The affirmation is an act of judgment expressed in the form of a proposition.

    I was soon to know that it was an affirmation of my shrewd guess about Manasquale.

    Mr. Labouchere—who did all a loyal colleague could do to assist his brother member—brought in an Affirmation Bill; it was blocked.

    There is an affirmation, then negation; impulse, then inhibition.

    For as it is the doubtful premiss of the adversary that I deny, my denial will be as intelligible as his affirmation.

    We imagine that negation, like affirmation, is self-sufficient.

    In the affirmation, that a man walked upon water, the idea of the subject is not contradictory of that in the predicate.

    As to what you ought to substitute for your affirmation, I tell you nothing, it is true.

Word Origin & History of - affirmation

    Word Origin & History

    affirmation 1530s, from Fr. affirmation (14c.), from L. affirmationem (nom. affirmatio), noun of action from affirmare (see affirm). In law, as the Quaker alternative to oath-taking, it is attested from 1690s.

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