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Word Example of - affliction

    Example Sentences for affliction

    He looked, Rainey thought, like a blind Berserker, restrained only by his affliction.

    She could not bear to part with Flora, who had been both nurse and comforter to her in her affliction.

    We are companions in affliction since my law case will not be tried.

    To add to the affliction of La Salle, the Belle, the only vessel remaining to him, was wrecked and utterly lost.

    In the days of ease thereafter, in Valencia when we dwell, The tale of our affliction, we shall have strength to tell.

    Again the boy fails to comprehend the nature of his affliction.

    But always I had that affliction to combat; all my life, man!

    That same sorcerer Kaschnur, who transformed you, has plunged me also in this affliction.

    There are moments when my affliction is so great, that I think seriously of charcoal.

    You have lived all these years in spite of your affliction, what is there that is changed?

Word Origin & History of - affliction

    Word Origin & History

    affliction c.1300, from O.Fr. aflicion, from L. afflictionem (nom. afflictio), noun of action from pp. stem of affligere (see afflict).

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