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Word Example of - affluent

    Example Sentences for affluent

    But the French Lodges contained many gentlemen in easy, and affluent circumstances.

    The confluence is the point of junction of an affluent river with its recipient.

    On a small income we must make the world believe that we are affluent, and our life becomes a cheat, a counterfeit, and a sham.

    It is an affluent of the Raritan, coming into it from the south.

    After an absence of several years, she once again sailed for France, and in circumstances far from affluent.

    The forest clearing has expanded into affluent commonwealths.

    Above Yambinga the flotilla got lost in an affluent of the Congo and had to put back to the main stream.

    His equipage was then splendid, and suitable69 to his affluent circumstances.

    The Claire is an affluent, perhaps of the Seine, perhaps of the Loire.

    Am I an orphan, as has been told me; or have I parents yet living, affluent, and high in society?

Word Origin & History of - affluent

    Word Origin & History

    affluent mid-15c., "flowing," from L. affluentem (nom. affluens), prp. of affluere "flow toward," from ad- "to" + fluere "to flow" (see fluent). Notion of "a plentiful flow" (of the gifts of fortune) led to affluence in the sense of "wealth," first recorded c.1600.

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