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Word Example of - age

    Example Sentences for age

    In the opinion of Mr. Harrison, this 'is the age of accurate translation.

    If time improve our wit as well as wine, Say at what age a poet grows divine?

    How a woman of her age can go on with her eyes fixed on these matters I cannot guess.

    Well, if it be my time to quit the stage, Adieu to all the follies of the age!

    He was over fifty years of age, and had been Rector of Bowick for nearly twenty.

    Such a comedy, written at such an age, requires some consideration.

    Age had steeped him deep in black wisdom, not weakened his powers of evil.

    How that little fellow stares about him, like a child of double his age!

    She said it wonderingly, because she knew of no princes of or nearly her own age in either kingdom.

    The twentieth century promises to be the Age of Electricity, and electricity must have copper.

Word Origin & History of - age

    Word Origin & History

    age c.1300, "long but indefinite period in human history," from O.Fr. aage, from V.L. *aetaticum (cf. Sp. edad, It. eta, Port. idade "age"), from L. aetatem (nom. aetas), "period of life," from aevum "lifetime, eternity, age," from PIE base *aiw- "vital force, life, long life, eternity" (see eon). Meaning "time something has lived, particular length or stage of life" is from early 14c. Used especially for "old age" since mid-14c. Expelled native eld. The verb meaning "to grow old" is from late 14c. Age-group attested from 1904, originally a term in the science of demographics.

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