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The Synonym of - agency (noun)

Word Example of - agency

    Example Sentences for agency

    I wandered about all day and every day from agency to agency.

    Any relation of responsibility can be invented and believed, since there are no tests of agency.

    From the first, too, the agency of women was an important feature.

    These memorable jewels were restored through Gaston's agency.

    Among others, she one day asked him if he had applied at the agency offices.

    He secured the agency for the sale of the Manners' machines in Ireland.

    Death of itself, constitutes notice to third persons of the termination of the agency.

    My uncle was a merchant there, who came here lately to establish an agency.

    Nor will any supposed increase of power in the agency explain the results, without admitting a long period for their action.

    Through my agency, said I from where I sat on the back of the camel.

Word Origin & History of - agency

    Word Origin & History

    agency 1650s, "acting of an agent," from M.L. agentia, noun of state from L. agentem (nom. agens, gen. agentis), prp. of agere (see act). Meaning "establishment where business is done for another" first recorded 1861.

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