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Word Example of - aggravate

    Example Sentences for aggravate

    But the champagne seemed only to aggravate their gloom except in the case of young Jamieson.

    He knows I don't want sech things, and he does it jest to aggravate me.

    This is, of course, not his fault, but it seems somehow to aggravate the distaste I have for him.

    That I will help Kate controll her temper, and not mock and aggravate her when she sulks.

    Their wooden grimaces must aggravate the precisely featured houses of the town.

    Mr Vandean,” cried the lieutenant, “do you want to aggravate me?

    To aggravate this disaster, a curious sight was seen a fortnight after the fall of the Peñon.

    Is it for you to aggravate as a crime, what reason teaches is, at worst, a misfortune?

    A herd of others were suborned to aggravate the charges, and to controvert whatever evidence the prisoner might bring forward.

    I felt that to obtrude my consolations on her then would only serve to aggravate her sufferings.

Word Origin & History of - aggravate

    Word Origin & History

    aggravate 1520s, from pp. adj. aggravate (late 15c.), from L. aggravatus, pp. of aggravare "to render troublesome, to make heavy" (see aggravation). Earlier in this sense was aggrave."To aggravate has properly only one meaning -- to make (an evil) worse or more serious." [Fowler]Phrase aggravating circumstances is recorded from 1790.

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