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Word Example of - agitation

    Example Sentences for agitation

    Sir, are you satisfied with these consequences of the agitation you have gotten up?

    "Yes," she said, suppressing her agitation with a powerful effort.

    We went forward, and found him in some agitation, real or counterfeit.

    Harry tried to calm his agitation, but it was no easy matter to do so.

    Its object was to excite and keep alive an agitation for the removal of the inequalities of the representation.

    If he had been a woman he would have wept from sheer misery and agitation.

    Poor Mrs. Forster's agitation was sad to see, and between her and the butler the luckless lad was somehow got from the room.

    The irritation in the captain's voice seemed to increase Caldwell's agitation.

    The Stentors are inhabitants of fresh, tranquil water, not subject to agitation, and covered with water plants.

    After all the agitation downstairs she could not persuade herself to go to bed.

Word Origin & History of - agitation

    Word Origin & History

    agitation 1560s, "mental tossing to and fro," from L. agitationem (nom. agitatio) "motion, agitation," from agitatus, pp. of agitare "move to and fro," frequentative of agere in its sense of "to drive" (see act).

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