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Word Example of - agony

    Example Sentences for agony

    There was such an agony of supplication in her voice and her attitude, that Pascal was touched.

    For three dreadful weeks he ran it in agony or apprehension.

    "There's nothing more you can do I care for now," she broke out with a look of agony.

    It must be agonising to you, and there would be dishonour as well as pain to me, in witnessing that agony.

    For His work's sake, His soul was required to pass through the agony of losing every human consolation.

    And from this group in their agony rose no groan, no complaint.

    In an agony of suspense they got the four men into the boats, eagerly asking where the others were, and in what state.

    Oh, my friend, the agony in that shrouded face was ecstasy to see!

    He has to go very slowly, and even then you can hear the poor things groan and shriek with the agony of being moved.

    I knew that he was suffering, and that my words were the cause of his agony.

Word Origin & History of - agony

    Word Origin & History

    agony late 14c., "mental suffering" (esp. that of Christ in the Garden of Gethsemane), from L.L. agonia, from Gk. agonia "a (mental) struggle for victory," originally "a struggle for victory in the games," from agon "assembly for a contest," from agein "to lead" (see act). Sense of "extreme bodily suffering" first recorded c.1600.

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