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Word Example of - aid

    Example Sentences for aid

    Was it possible for her to love a lad who could not, and did not aid her?

    One of the sailors saw what he was doing, and sprang to aid him.

    Holfax, do you think you could get some friendly natives to aid us?

    So once more days and nights aid me along, Like legion'd soldiers.

    Remove the cover-slip from the cell by the aid of the forceps.

    Then Gunnar bent to him and asked Sigurd would he aid him to win her?

    To obtain her aid you must make yourself in a manner worthy of it.

    A whole army of monkeys had come to the aid of the biggest monkey.

    But the French troops went to Verdun without the aid of railroads.

    It will be my duty when the Cæsar is attacked to keep them from rushing to his aid.

Word Origin & History of - aid

    Word Origin & History

    aid late 15c., "help, assistance," from O.Fr. aide, earlier aiudha, from L.L. adjuta, from fem. pp. of L. adiuvare (pp. adiutus) "to give help to," from ad- "to" + juvare "to help" (see adjutant). Meaning "thing by which assistance is given" is recorded from c.1600. Meaning "material help given by one country to another" is from 1940.

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