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Word Example of - air

    Example Sentences for air

    The air there was charged with the scent of gathered grapes.

    There is something in the air out here that is almost intoxicating!

    So they rose into the air and disappeared in an easterly direction.

    There is something in your verses as distinguished as your air.

    Mrs. Armstrong's air of excitement was very much in evidence.

    Then he leaned over and played it with the air of a man who lays all in the lap of the gods.

    Hopkins's brow was clouded, and he sat down with an air of deep dejection.

    This was settled, and he rode off with almost his usual gaiety of air.

    Faulkner assumed an air of real affliction, presumably for the departed.

    Though it was not foggy, the air was thick, and I could see nothing ahead.

Word Origin & History of - air

    Word Origin & History

    air c.1300, "invisible gases that make up the atmosphere," from O.Fr. air, from L. ærem (nom. ær), from Gk. aer (gen. æros) "air" (related to aenai "to blow, breathe"), of unknown origin, possibly from a base *awer- and thus related to aeirein "to raise" and arteria "windpipe, artery" (see aorta), on notion of "lifting, that which rises." In Homer mostly "thick air, mist;" later "air" as one of the four elements. Words for "air" in Indo-European languages tend to be associated with wind, brightness, sky. Replaced native lyft, luft (see loft). The verb meaning "to expose to open ...air" is first recorded 1520s. Broadcasting sense (e.g. on the air) first recorded 1927. To give (someone) the air "dismiss" is from 1900. Air pollution is attested by 1870.

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