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Word Example of - akin

    Example Sentences for akin

    Pleasure is of the first, wisdom or knowledge of the third class, while reason or mind is akin to the fourth or highest.

    In Scripture we meet with manifestations of prophecy which are akin to madness.

    We see something in it akin to the trick of the rhetorician, who seeks to hide poverty of thought under glittering phrases.

    His own grew big with wonder, with something which was not alarm, but akin to it.

    The impulses are akin, and the crime of suicide lies rather in its disregard for the feelings of those whom we leave behind.

    They are akin to the pine-apples, and therefore belong to the bromelaceæ.

    Lenine and his followers distrusted the peasants as a class whose interests were akin to the class of small property-owners.

    It is an instinct worthy of all honour; akin to all strength and all wisdom.

    They who enter there must have nothing in them akin to evil.

    Jim, with his good looks and the brightness that was akin to wit, was her favourite.

Word Origin & History of - akin

    Word Origin & History

    akin 1550s, from phrase of kin; see kin.

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