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The Synonym of - albatross (noun)

Word Example of - albatross

    Example Sentences for albatross

    In Kamtschatka the albatross is caught by the natives and made useful.

    The albatross has been seen fully 1000 miles from any shore.

    Mascola's boats were crowded closely about the Albatross and his own fleet was completely fenced off.

    But some time after, I learned that goney was some seaman's name for albatross.

    The "Albatross" was armed, and relied upon being able to defend herself.

    For neither had I then read the Rhyme, nor knew the bird to be an albatross.

    Feathers flew, and the albatross, deflected by the blow, fell clumsily into the water.

    Down went the flag, away we went, and I took Albatross to the front.

    We were coming to the wall for the second time just in front of the grand stand and Albatross was moving like a bird.

    And now for the connection of the albatross with this accident.

Word Origin & History of - albatross

    Word Origin & History of albatross

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