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Word Example of - alienation

    Example Sentences for alienation

    Gifts or alienation of land to guilds, fraternities, or towns are forbidden.

    Neither of them took any pains to conceal from others their alienation.

    There is no real separation, except in alienation of spirit, and that can never comeā€”to us.

    They would, moreover, have prevented the alienation of many of their truest friends.

    We have now come sooner than I expected to the alienation I have all along apprehended.

    His widow, in spite of their alienation, mourned long and deeply.

    She was so essentially feminine herself that she was never quite rid of her maiden sense of alienation even with her son.

    There was evidence in the legal papers that alienation of these farms was not allowed.

    This tendency to alienation was, no doubt, subsequently encouraged by his marriage, which took place in 1765.

    They had no idea of sale or barter, or conveyance, or alienation.

Word Origin & History of - alienation

    Word Origin & History

    alienation "transfer of ownership," late 14c., from M.Fr. alienacion, from L. alienationem (nom. alienatio), noun of action from alienare (see alienate). It also meant "loss or derangement of mental faculties, insanity" (late 15c.), hence alienist. Phrase alienation of affection as a U.S. legal term in divorce cases for "falling in love with someone else" dates to 1861.