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Word Example of - alight

    Example Sentences for alight

    Her eyes, which had already lost much of the dissipated look, were alight with exaltation.

    Her face was alight with eagerness as she besought her brother to "just see if he'd know her!"

    He assisted me to alight, and embraced me with true affection.

    A thunderbolt fell upon the pillory, and there may they all alight!

    The person who officiates as master of ceremonies, assists the mourners to enter and alight from the carriages.

    "I should advise you not to alight, Miss Brock," said he, unable to ignore her request.

    The boys quickly realized that something had happened, for the guards came along telling the passengers to alight.

    But there was no place for the raven to alight, unless upon his wife's back.

    There being no flooring in the boat, there was nothing but the naked timbers for my weary bones to alight upon.

    He smiled up at me for the very last time, with his dear face all alight.

Word Origin & History of - alight

    Word Origin & History

    alight "to descend, dismount," O.E. alihtan, from a- "down, aside" (see a- (1)) + lihtan "get off, make light" (see light (v.)).

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