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Word Example of - alimony

    Example Sentences for alimony

    The chief argument was directed against the claim for alimony.

    Where paternity is established the father is liable for support (or alimony).

    Only in rare cases and under peculiar circumstances will alimony be granted to the party in fault.

    The next turn went on, and all went as merry as an alimony bell.

    I'm buying the lady off, and persuaded John to pay his alimony to her.

    The judge had fixed her alimony at $30,000 a year, and an allowance for costs.

    The wife would find it out, there would be a row, with court proceedings, alimony and all the rest of it.

    Alimony is payable as a rule in advance monthly instalments.

    A voluntary separation, with alimony on one side and on the other!

    The alimony which had hitherto been allowed was no longer considered adequate.

Word Origin & History of - alimony

    Word Origin & History

    alimony 1650s, from L. alimonia "food, support, nourishment, sustenance," from alere "to nourish" (see old) + -monia suffix signifying action, state, condition (cognate with Gk. -men). Derived form palimony coined 1979.

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