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What is a better word for alive? What's another word for alive? What are 5 "alive synonyms"? How can I replace the word alive? What is the meaning of alive in English?

Word Example of - alive

    Example Sentences for alive

    If Bukatski were alive, he would let out his tongue now at their expense.

    "Even if your father were alive, Jimmy, it couldn't be the same," answered Pen.

    Only the gleam of his curious pink eyes, told that he was alive.

    My love for you has kept me alive through all that I've endured.

    "My brother might have been alive now if only he had taken his quinine," said Jim.

    The toad was just as alive as could be, but it never bit a bit!

    But this I believe: you, nor a member of your garrison, will be alive tomorrow.

    Had your sister been alive and well, and had she met you on the street she would not have known you.

    If he had the chance he would live from now on so that if she were alive she need not be ashamed!

    I was almost in despair, and began to doubt that, even if Malcolm was alive, he could be with them.

Word Origin & History of - alive

    Word Origin & History

    alive c.1200, from O.E. on life "in living." The fuller form on live was still current 17c. Alive and kicking "alert, vigorous," attested from 1859; "The allusion is to a child in the womb after quickening" [Farmer].