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Word Example of - all-powerful

    Example Sentences for all-powerful

    Let us push our inquiries as to the nature of this all-powerful agent.

    Salicetti and Gasparin, being the legates of the Convention, were all-powerful.

    He was all-powerful with juries, and with the people he was always a favorite.

    Now if God is all-wise and all-powerful, why need we so carefully instruct Him?

    If you were all-powerful, would you not give me all that I desired?

    God is your intelligence, and you know that truth is all-powerful.

    Do not be sad; you will make the happiness of those you love; you shall be rich and all-powerful.

    I too have thought for a long time that he was all-powerful and not to be reached.

    All-powerful, he held the beloved life in the hollow of his hand.

    An all-powerful loadstone was dragging us on—the lust of getting gold.

Word Origin & History of - all-powerful

    Word Origin & History of all-powerful

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