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Word Example of - allegation

    Example Sentences for allegation

    As to the other points in her allegation, Priscilla had no better or broader foundation.

    Burke shook his head emphatically in denial of the allegation.

    Blount, at his trial, confessed there was no foundation for the allegation.

    He wished very much to deny the allegation, or at least to dodge the truth.

    So the request was made of me to contact Mr. Wade to find out if that allegation was in the indictment.

    Was it, do you suppose, because they detected some ill-will in me towards you that they made the allegation?

    Whatever truth there may be in the allegation, the machine was wrecked through deficient equilibrium at the end of the trial.

    At the outset it must be acknowledged that the allegation is very difficult to prove.

    The materialist's allegation is generally, that he wishes to accept as little as possible.

    He saw her hesitation, and knew that his allegation was the truth.

Word Origin & History of - allegation

    Word Origin & History

    allegation late 15c., "action of alleging," from Fr. allégation, from L. allegationem (nom. allegatio), noun of action from allegatus, pp. of allegare (see allege).

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