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What is a better word for allegorical? What's another word for allegorical? What are 5 "allegorical synonyms"? How can I replace the word allegorical? What is the meaning of allegorical in English?

Word Example of - allegorical

    Example Sentences for allegorical

    And Camons, as observed in the preface, has twice asserted that his machinery is allegorical.

    Their truck has on it what they call "an allegorical figure."

    They were not caricatures, as one might suppose, but rural scenes à la Watteau, and allegorical subjects.

    That is what I want to say to you in allegorical language, Barbara.

    His allegorical poem, The Golden Targe, is of a more extended range, and displays more creative power.

    But such legends were considered by most commentators as allegorical fables.

    As to the meaning of the allegorical figures, one is generally in doubt.

    They speak in allegorical form in glowing songs of wine and love.

    The history of hermeneutics in all times shows that there is but one step from the literal to the allegorical.

    The allegorical is that which is shadowy and doth but exist in the fantasy.

Word Origin & History of - allegorical

    Word Origin & History

    allegorical 1520s, from Fr. allégorique, from L. allegoricus, from Gk. allegorikos (see allegory). Earlier form was allegoric (late 14c.).