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Word Example of - allied

    Example Sentences for allied

    For ourselves, men of Lacedaemon and of the allied states, our task is completed.

    In a few days the allied armies were again in possession of Paris.

    For all the anthropoids most allied to Man have long since also parted with theirs.

    He was ambitious, and his ambition was allied with selfishness.

    Though finally superior, the allied fleets experienced many unpleasant reverses on their own element.

    Now there was present an allied force of the other men of Pallene also.

    The practical success of allied diplomacy among the Balkan neutrals had grown to seem more and more dubious.

    I am not minded to be allied to a Queen that shall be undone.

    Huschke describes a somewhat different yet allied gesture, which he says is exhibited by persons when astonished.

    If Karnia were allied with them, there would be no need of so great an army.

Word Origin & History of - allied

    Word Origin & History

    allied c.1300, pp. adj. from ally (q.v.). Originally of kindred; in ref. to league or formal treaty, it is first recorded late 14c.

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