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Word Example of - allocation

    Example Sentences for allocation

    Allocation of late Pliocene specimens of Geomys quinni to other species will restrict quinni to the early Pleistocene.

    As respects this allocation, how would I modify that instrument?

    Fourth, to continue the priorities and allocation authority in the field of transportation.

    Recollect, all the management—that is, the allocation—will be entrusted to you.

    The allocation of supply for the transferred subjects will be decided by the ministers.

    Recollect, all the management—that is, the allocation—will be intrusted to you.

    The Ministry of All the Talents failed to justify its title in the planning of expeditions and the allocation of commanders.

    These proportions have become to a large extent stereotyped in the allocation of such grants.

    This case constitutes an abuse of the principle of allocation.

    Allocation of resources within a system and strategies of co-evolution are seen as resources of incremental performance.

Word Origin & History of - allocation

    Word Origin & History

    allocation 1530s, from Fr. allocation, from M.L. allocationem (nom. allocatio), noun of action from allocatus, pp. of allocare (see allocate).

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