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Word Example of - allotment

    Example Sentences for allotment

    He heaved many a sigh, as he waited for Rob to tell him that the first of his allotment was sufficiently browned to be devoured.

    On the allotment of provinces, Sicily fell to him, with power to cross into Africa if he pleased.

    All this William and I took in for three unbroken weeks, my usual summer allotment on the Thames.

    There is scarcely an end to the benefits of the allotment system.

    Distribution of fire; allotment of target to platoon leaders.

    The abbreviation of allotment, or allowance to wife or mother.

    The thing went to allotment shorn of his peculiar magnetism.

    With many others who desired an allotment of the bonds, I was present.

    And nature has not been in a stingy mood when weighing out their allotment of brains!

    I git the allotment agin' the expense I'm put to in feedin' thim.

Word Origin & History of - allotment

    Word Origin & History

    allotment 1570s, from Fr. allotment, from aloter (see allot).

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