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The Synonym of - allow (verb)

Word Example of - allow

    Example Sentences for allow

    She did not allow him to finish; she said hastily that she must witness the contest.

    "But they will not allow themselves to be picked up," I answered.

    Mr. Erle, if you will allow me, I should like to take the child home.

    I can never speak of him, or allow Hester and Maria to speak of him to me; for they will blame him.

    I shall not allow my liberty to be taken away, or restricted, by you.

    "Then I promise never to allow myself to be called by that title," I replied.

    "Allow me to ask a question or two, then," resumed the lawyer.

    I do allow him, sir,” replied Johnson, “just enough to light him to hell.

    Here the Portuguese maintain a kind of garrison, if we may allow it that name.

    I only ask that you allow me to return the value of your jewels and drop the whole affair.

Word Origin & History of - allow

    Word Origin & History

    allow c.1300, from O.Fr. alouer "approve," from L. allaudare, compound of ad- "to" + laudare "to praise," confused and merged in O.Fr. with alouer "assign," from L. allocare (see allocate). From the first word came the sense "permission based on approval," from the second the meaning preserved in allowance.

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