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Word Example of - allowance

    Example Sentences for allowance

    Allowance should be made for this illusion in comparing fruit with illustration.

    A pan of four loaves was the daily allowance for sixteen men.

    He had an allowance from his mother of three thousand a year.

    Mlle. Galet, whom, according to your orders, I supplied with her quarter's allowance.

    This often proceeds from too large a portion of flour, and too small an allowance of butter and eggs.

    They went in and out as they pleased, and had a weekly allowance of money.

    Their allowance afterwards was for each man a cocoa nut and an ear of Indian corn at noon, and the same at night.

    Besides quarterage, there was an allowance for travelling and table expenses.

    The allowance to the widow takes priority over all other claims against the estate, and should be paid immediately.

    They had had a long argument with Ambrosch about Antonia's allowance for clothes and pocket-money.

Word Origin & History of - allowance

    Word Origin & History of - allowance

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