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Word Example of - allusion

    Example Sentences for allusion

    I have said something as to the effect produced upon our comrade by any allusion to his flaming poll.

    There were a host of other matters to which allusion need not be made.

    So Aunt Rebecca's allusion to desperate characters had not been so far-fetched, after all.

    But this allusion to Great Britain introduces us to another point.

    The allusion was pretty plainly to my misfortune at New York.

    His look confirmed every one in the belief that the allusion had been to the latter.

    It has been conjectured that in this custom an allusion to the resurrection is intended.

    “That will do, Bill,” said Colin, who did not like hearing any allusion made to the woman.

    But yet—but yet—why did that allusion to death strike chilly through him?

    Meryl spoke first, and then she made no allusion to his love of the spot.

Word Origin & History of - allusion

    Word Origin & History

    allusion 1540s, from L. allusionem (nom. allusio) "a playing with, a reference to," from allus-, stem of alludere (see allude). An allusion is never an outright or explicit mention of the person or thing the speaker seems to have in mind.

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