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What is a better word for alluvion? What's another word for alluvion? What are 5 "alluvion synonyms"? How can I replace the word alluvion? What is the meaning of alluvion in English?

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    Alluvion is the name for an accession of land washed up on the sea-shore or on a river-bank by the waters.

    The deposites of alluvion along the banks betray a similar origin of gradual accumulation by the annual floods.

    Springs are common in the alluvion, and more frequently than in the case of drift, they can be found by boring.

    As the alluvion is carried on, the slope of the stream will become steeper and steeper the higher one goes.

    The new channels are made of a cross-section to enable the water to carry on its alluvion and silt.

    On the western bank was spread out a broad sheet of alluvion five miles in breadth, completely inundated by the swollen stream.

    Napoleon, with naïve comprehensiveness, called Holland the alluvion of French rivers.

    Thou hast broken from the hills that enchained thee, and now rollest far and free, cleaving a wide way through thine own alluvion.

    The cypress begins near the mouth of the Ohio and spreads through the alluvion portions of the Lower Valley.

    The alluvion which this great river has formed is extremely small.

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