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Word Example of - almanac

    Example Sentences for almanac

    The almanac called it winter, distinctly enough, but the weather was a compromise between spring and summer.

    In 1788 a ballad in an almanac brought the custom into popular ridicule.

    He took the Almanac from Timothy Turtle and they both sat down.

    Bowditch used the 1916 Almanac, whereas we are working from the 1919 Almanac.

    If you will come to me after dinner with an almanac we will arrange it.

    The last fact to know at this time about the Almanac is found on pages 94-95.

    On that solitary string hangs everything from Armageddon to an almanac, from a successful revolution to a return ticket.

    For the session of 1872-3 the almanac does not differentiate.

    To sit at the same table with Grattan, who would not think it a memorable honour, a red letter day in the almanac of his life?

    For the session of 1880-81 the almanac makes no distinction.

Word Origin & History of - almanac

    Word Origin & History

    almanac late 14c., attested in Anglo-L. from mid-13c., via O.Fr. almanach or M.L. almanachus from Spanish-Arabic al-manakh "calendar, almanac" (occurring nowhere else in Arabic), possibly ult. from Late Gk. almenichiakon "calendar," probably of Coptic origin. This word has been the subject of much speculation; its central syllable may be from or influenced by the PIE root of Mod.E. moon and month.

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