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What is a better word for alphabet? What's another word for alphabet? What are 5 "alphabet synonyms"? How can I replace the word alphabet? What is the meaning of alphabet in English?

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    The alphabet is to be found in the crags and valleys of the summits.

    The alphabet I am accustomed to is incapable of representing that man's name.

    In their alphabet they have neither s nor v; and some of their letters would require a new character to ascertain them precisely.

    As a perishing blond without an alphabet I should have done this unwaveringly.

    Scarce, however, had he mastered the alphabet, until the faculties of the deformed began to expand.

    Several of these children learnt the alphabet in four hours.

    The dispersal of the alphabet over a printed page is not less perplexing to the illiterate.

    The next time use the letter "C" and so on through the alphabet.

    I bet I know something you don't, now—what verse in the Bible has every letter in the alphabet in it except 'J'?

    Carve all the letters of the alphabet on a medium sized pumpkin.

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    Word Origin & History

    alphabet 1560s (implied in alphabetical), from L.L. alphabetum (Tertullian), from Gk. alphabetos, from alpha + beta, the first two letters of it, from Heb.-Phoen. aleph, pausal form of eleph "ox" + beth, lit. "house;" the letters so called because their shapes resembled or represented those objects. The Greeks added -a to the end of many Heb.-Phoenician letter names because Gk. words cannot end in most consonants. Alphabet soup first attested 1907.