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Word Example of - alternate

    Example Sentences for alternate

    In velvet, every alternate stitch should be cut and drawn out on the right side with the pile of the goods.

    It is from four to six feet high, with straight and alternate branches.

    Some instances of inconsistent spellings were adjusted when found corrected in an alternate edition of this book.

    It had been watched with alternate hope, doubt, and despondency.

    Bed-hangings, curtains, and furniture-coverings were covered with alternate squares of lacis and cutwork.

    This soon began to alternate with chill misgivings at the novelty of the situation.

    There is some evidence of alternate bearing, with a heavy crop followed by a very light crop.

    Winton and Aunt Rosamund, by tacit agreement, came on alternate afternoons.

    Euclid introduced the subject by the proposition that, if alternate angles are equal, the lines are parallel.

    Cases of conscience should alternate with lessons in the rudiments.

Word Origin & History of - alternate

    Word Origin & History

    alternate 1510s, from L. alternatus "one after the other," pp. of alternare "to do first one thing, then the other," from alternus "every other," from alter "the other" (see alter). The verb is recorded from c.1600; the noun meaning "a substitute" is first attested 1848. Alternate means "by turns;" alternative means "offering a choice." Both imply two kinds or things.