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The Synonym of - alternation (noun)

Word Example of - alternation

    Example Sentences for alternation

    He, too, was troubled with an alternation of hopes and fears.

    A second alternation of darkness and light marks the lapse of time.

    The utmost prolongation of human life also, is in the like alternation of toil and rest.

    To watch the alternation of these tints was the school of madness.

    But the main acts of agriculture seem to have changed very little, and the alternation of green and corn crops is a good dodge.

    Observe that Plato is preparing the way for his doctrine of the alternation of opposites.

    Then, as our ordinary being presents an alternation of sleeping and waking, so does trance-existence.

    Combine the last two exercises and give them in alternation.

    But only in alternation, since the contracted area precluded simultaneousness as well as latitudinarianism.

    Heterogeny: the alternation of sexual and parthenogenetic generations.

Word Origin & History of - alternation

    Word Origin & History

    alternation 1610s, from Fr.alternation, from L. alternationem (nom. alternatio), noun of action from alternatus, pp. of alternare (see alternate).

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