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Word Example of - although

    Example Sentences for although

    The anger had ebbed from Dan's brain, although his attitude had not relaxed.

    The making of folkways is not trivial, although the acts are minute.

    I read Astounding Stories all the time, although I'm just a boy.

    It seemed like a very old memory, although it was but three weeks past.

    We gave her a good run, although it was not altogether in the sun.

    Although we speak of marriage as an institution, it is only an imperfect one.

    It belongs to all religions, although the pagans invented it.

    Buffoons had a share in the great "moralities," although they did not have a rôle in the action.

    And now she must have told about it, although she said she wouldn't.

    Public opinion in the church judged them lightly, although unfavorably.

Word Origin & History of - although

    Word Origin & History

    although early 14c., althagh, compound of O.E. eall "all" + þeah "though," showing once-common emphatic use of all.

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