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What is a better word for ambassador? What's another word for ambassador? What are 5 "ambassador synonyms"? How can I replace the word ambassador? What is the meaning of ambassador in English?

Word Example of - ambassador

    Example Sentences for ambassador

    The ambassador was leaning forward, glaring at him, his face a mottled crimson.

    Mohammed, however, pardoned him, and made him his ambassador to China.

    At last the news was spread that the duke had sent an ambassador.

    Gaston and Bertha paid the ambassador's wife a visit of persuasion.

    Take the ambassador to the reception-room and tell him that I shall wait on him at once.

    To this he answered by showing his passport and the dispatches of the Russian Ambassador.

    The gorgeousness of the ambassador's dress was thought remarkable even in those gorgeous times.

    He told me that the Ambassador was much disheartened in mind by these doubts and fears.

    The ambassador was often one who in his own state held some priestly office.

    In the afternoon, accompanied by the Ambassador, I visited M. Poincar.

Word Origin & History of - ambassador

    Word Origin & History

    ambassador late 14c., from M.Fr. ambassadeur, from O.Fr. embassator, via Prov. or O.Sp. from L. ambactus "a servant, vassal," from Celt. amb(i)actos "a messenger, servant," from PIE *ambhi- "about" + *ag- "drive, lead." Cf. embassy. Forms in am- and em- were used indiscriminately 17c.-18c.