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Word Example of - amends

    Example Sentences for amends

    But then the sweet scenery of Glenbogie, and the colour of the moors, and the glorious heights of Ben Alchan, made some amends.

    "The Bank wants to make what amends it can," he said softly.

    So she let me know what they cost, and to make her amends I gave her three guineas more than they cost her.

    And—and, if there's anything I can do to make it up to her somehow; any—any amends, you know——'

    He despised himself, and nothing could make him amends for the self-complacency that he had lost.

    It is the amends due for a deprivation that has been suffered.

    Certain writers have made some amends by including in their arrangements a class termed Alteratives.

    What riches, or honours, or pleasures, can make us amends for the loss of innocence?

    At the end he heard some words faltered: she wished it was in their power 'to make any amends.'

    This she could not understand, for she had expected an apology as the very least amends he could make.

Word Origin & History of - amends

    Word Origin & History

    amends early 14c., "restitution," collective singular, from O.Fr. amendes "fine, penalty," pl. of amende "reparation," from amender "to amend" (see amend).

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