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Word Example of - ammunition

    Example Sentences for ammunition

    Water and food they still had in abundance, but ammunition was running low.

    "But the Spaniards may use up all their ammunition," he thought to himself.

    But by the year following they were better prepared, for they had obtained guns and ammunition from the traders.

    The next day both regiments returned their ammunition into the magazine.

    Artillery, wagons and ammunition piled up in disorder; from people along the way reports of fighting.

    I therefore demand that you divide with us all the arms, ammunition, and goods we have.

    Omai, who was become of consequence from the possessing three or four muskets and some ammunition, was consulted on the occasion.

    See that your guns are well supplied with ammunition during the lull.

    "I ran out of ammunition, and havin' a spot of extra gas, I did a bit o' sight-seein'," O'Malley explained.

    “I wish we knew how well they are provided with food and ammunition,” he heard him say.

Word Origin & History of - ammunition

    Word Origin & History of ammunition

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