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Word Example of - amnesty

    Example Sentences for amnesty

    He had pardoned nearly all the leaders in the rebellion through the medium of amnesty proclamations.

    The very pith of the thing was the act of amnesty and oblivion.

    After the events of Thermidor the Convention had thrown open the prison doors, put an end to bloodshed, and proclaimed an amnesty.

    Just when the revolution was rife Pius the Ninth proclaimed an amnesty.

    The taking of Imus gave General Polavieja an opportunity of offering an amnesty to the rebels, which he did not neglect.

    But he would not first give up his claim and then ask for an amnesty.

    In the fourth year of his exile he attempted to lure back his subjects by offering them an amnesty.

    When the amnesty was finally granted to him, he went back to Germany.

    Because of the pregnancy of Her Majesty the Empress, an amnesty is proclaimed throughout the land.

    Mervyn did not dream of seeking Trix, or of offering an amnesty.

Word Origin & History of - amnesty

    Word Origin & History

    amnesty "pardon of past offenses," 1570s, from Fr. amnestie "intentional overlooking," from L. amnestia, from Gk. amnestia "oblivion," from a-, privative prefix, "not," + mnestis "remembrance," related to mnaomai "I remember" (see mind (n.)). Amnesty International founded 1961 as Appeal for Amnesty. The name was changed 1963.

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