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Word Example of - ample

    Example Sentences for ample

    Then he satisfied himself that the supply of cartridges was ample.

    And you may be sure that Dot did ample justice to the rich find.

    Ample opportunity was given for explanation and apology for the insult.

    But twenty minutes would be ample for a man of average intelligence.

    It is essential, therefore, that the greatest care be taken to subject such products to proper preparation and ample processing.

    Carefully smoothing down the floor, they spread over it their ample couch of furs.

    Upon these things he had ample time to reflect; for the operations at the window neither appeared to be scientific nor successful.

    An ample supply of game, of great variety, was taken, and also an abundance of fish.

    Grady meanwhile, with a pair of ample varnished boots, had disappeared into his master's room.

    The fathers of the village again called upon the strangers with much courtesy of demeanor, and brought them an ample breakfast.

Word Origin & History of - ample

    Word Origin & History

    ample mid-15c., from M.Fr. ample, from L. amplus "large, spacious." Related: Amply (1550s).

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