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Word Example of - analogous

    Example Sentences for analogous

    Analogous changes would also take place in the vegetable kingdom.

    Analogous observations on Triton by Jullien and Schreibers, 591.

    Analogous arts and customs will also be traced to various other nations.

    Analogous to the medical mission are the missions to the blind and the deaf.

    Analogous to a word pronounced by four different voices, to us.

    Analogous to this, among other nations there were soldiers called Draconarii.

    Analogous to this are the mechanical effects of the different ends of an electrical current in the living tissue.

    Analogous symptoms were not long in appearing in the left arm.

    Analogous to our crime of piracy is the forcible arrest of ships at sea and the transfer to them of valuables.

    Analogous results are obtained with the stalks of the potato.

Word Origin & History of - analogous

    Word Origin & History

    analogous 1640s, from L. analogus, from Gk. analogos "according to due proportion" (see analogy).

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