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What is a better word for analogously? What's another word for analogously? What are 5 "analogously synonyms"? How can I replace the word analogously? What is the meaning of analogously in English?

Word Example of - analogously

    Example Sentences for analogously

    Analogously we may speak of the seven seven-rishis, where again the compound denotes a class of beings merely, not their number.

    Analogously, it is sought by metageometricians to prove in like manner the possibility of rotation about a plane.

    Analogously he may be spoken of, in the passage under discussion, as having a beard bright as gold and so on.

    Analogously, he who is born good and instinctively does good deeds, deriving pleasure from them, deserves no praise.

    Analogously the accent was marked by the Greeks in learned and model editions only.

    Analogously the sentence 'there the king is going' implicitly means that the king together with his retinue is going there.

Word Origin & History of - analogously

    Word Origin & History

    analogous 1640s, from L. analogus, from Gk. analogos "according to due proportion" (see analogy).