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Word Example of - analogy

    Example Sentences for analogy

    Among those who were near the queen at this solemn hour was Dr. Butler, author of the 'Analogy.'

    Analogy, therefore, would point to him as the instructor of his kinsman.

    Analogy with Anthoceros confirmed him in his views on the reproduction of ferns.

    Analogy in modern times only points the way, and is immediately verified by experiment.

    Analogy therefore might suggest that this also would be the case with the word "Israel."

    Analogy of the structure of some Volcanic Rocks with that of Glaciers.

    The phrase transcendental object occurs once in the second Analogy and twice in the Note on Amphiboly.

    Analogy is the mode of reasoning from resemblance to resemblance.

    If now, after the foregoing, you feel any inclination to send me the essay on "Analogy" (capital subject), pray do so.

    Analogy, further examined, affords no support to such a notion.

Word Origin & History of - analogy

    Word Origin & History

    analogy 1540s, from L. analogia, from Gk. analogia "proportion," from ana- "upon, according to" + logos "ratio," also "word, speech, reckoning." A mathematical term used in a wider sense by Plato.

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