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What is a better word for analysis? What's another word for analysis? What are 5 "analysis synonyms"? How can I replace the word analysis? What is the meaning of analysis in English?

Word Example of - analysis

    Example Sentences for analysis

    Analysis of that will discover an anatomy complete enough to those who enjoy that kind of dissection.

    Analysis, first of all, and egotism, and therefore no faith.

    Analysis of 460 fatalities from venomous animals in the United States.

    Let him try, and if he fail, then let him study my Analysis as given below.

    I have made a contribution to this last question in my Analysis of the Sensations, , English translation, 1897.

    Analysis of samples showed an average of 34% of chromic oxide.

    Analysis of cocoa shows a good proportion of proteids and a very large quantity of fat.

    Analysis: This is an old and well-known song: "I know not what it means," etc.

    In a corner office they found the Analysis man, pale but jubilant.

    Analysis: Switzerland is free, no one can rob Switzerland of her freedom.

Word Origin & History of - analysis

    Word Origin & History

    analysis 1580s, "resolution of anything complex into simple elements" (opposite of synthesis), from M.L. analysis, from Gk. analysis "a breaking up," from analyein "unloose, release, set free," from ana "up, throughout" + lysis "a loosening," from lyein "to unfasten" (see lose). Psychological sense is from 1890. Phrase in the final (or last) analysis (1844), translates Fr. en dernière analyse.