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Word Example of - anatomy

    Example Sentences for anatomy

    Psychology is therefore of equal importance with anatomy and acoustics as an element of Vocal Science.

    Yes, yes; and Burton has a version of it, too, in his Anatomy.

    Nobody e'd have blamed you any if you'd aimed at a vital section of his anatomy; but you let him off with little more'n a scratch.

    Here, then, is a case in which you will see the exact function that anatomy should take in art.

    Until the end of the fifteenth century progress in anatomy was almost imperceptible.

    The suggestion of locomotion depends furthermore on anatomy.

    Under his fostering care the study of anatomy flourished to a remarkable degree at the University of Montpelier.

    We can find realism enough in books of anatomy, surgery, and medicine.

    Therefore you will study the anatomy of animals, as laid down in all modern cook-books.

    From the anatomy of the angels, it has been made in Germany.

Word Origin & History of - anatomy

    Word Origin & History of anatomy

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